Thought experiment

Previously I blogged one of my tweets into the internet and both the blog post and tweet returned zero reaction from the net. Not to be discouraged though, I am inclined to give the thought a reprise with this thought experiment.

What if a machine was to be built that at once was able to gather and analyse all the data on every computer and all the data communications between all the computers for any imaginable information?

Would this theoretical machine free humanity from insecurity of and slavery to data?

How would the machine work?

A few starting points might be:
Encryption would be irrelevant to the machine of course.
It should be able to read and interpret all other protocols of all other machines giving it complete access to data storage and transport within any given machine and between all machines.

What kind of power would an operator of this kind of machine have and how would it be operated?

I think suggested answers to these final questions might be something like eradication of data use as a tool for competitive advantage and used to build a world where imagination and creativity becomes the competitive arena for the human race.

I’m sure I am not the first to make this proposal and perhaps i am simply reimagining the singularity but it strikes me if we believe in quantum computing then such a machine is possible.


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