Have I mentioned that I like to run?

It’s something I do as a hobby. That’s what I tell myself. Probably more truthful to say I do it to stay alive. Nice evolutionary connection there too for any anthropologists reading.

I’ve been doing it all  my life actually. Whenever I needed to get somewhere quicker with only my feet to take me there and other times even when I just enjoyed the feel of it or because it was expected  as part of  whatever game I was playing. More recently though running is a conscious deliberate activity with a purpose but I still enjoy it for many reasons.

Gradually creeping up on me to this year has been the desire to really focus on the activity as a  core for staying healthy. I think I unexpectedly got old with responsibilities and realized the need to be able to maintain and develop my impact on the  material world. In addition perhaps set an example for behavior and philosophy. So for the  moment at least I’m using running as a metaphor and framework for everything else going on.

With that said, I’m quite excited right now with 4 weeks until the Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon that I entered into back in April. The  purpose of entering a marathon this year was to run it faster than I previously ran a marathon in 2007 thus demonstrating that in the interval my life and lifestyle choices had contributed to a fitter and stronger person.


So I’ve been doing a bit of  running in preparation and with 4 weeks to go, looking forward to top off what I’ve done and go out  behind a pacer  on the 25th Sept and  do what needs to be done. In addition I’ve entered the Abingdon marathon a few weeks later which will be my back up in case I don’t hit the target in Nottingham.

The actual target is to be able to say at 40 years old I’m in the  best health and fitness shape of my life and let the truth of the phrase “life begins at 40” manifest itself from there.

Part of that  manifestation will be to explore the adventure that can come from running. I’ve got a couple ideas in my head of races I’d like to join for spiritual reasons, they would represent something of a former life that I can never return to but at the same time I remember with happiness. I need to be fit to go there though, hence the  reason to manage two marathons within a few weeks as an opener for training. Looking forward to see where I am and how I feel 9 weeks from now.



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