the toolmaker and the swordmaker


I am very excited to be writing this new blog post after a long time. I had some great news today; an unconditional offer to study MSc Information Technology at Aberdeen University Department of Computer Science.

It seems like a long journey since the day I opened up a casino touchbet terminal, looked inside and thought to myself, “I no longer understand the machinery that is both holding society together and giving us purpose.” That was the night I applied for my first course at the Open University towards a degree in computing and statistics.

Since then I have had the great fortune to become employed in the technology field where now I am actually directly responsible in small part for the maintenance of the machinery and the push for customisation and development.

Contrastingly therefore, it doesn’t seem like a long journey since the day someone asked me for a list of the football programmes I had for sale at 12 years old and the only way I could think at the time of making the list was to have it output from the BBC Micro that was mysteriously wired up in a cupboard under the stairs.

So now I am sitting in front of my Chromebook that also runs Ubuntu excited and philosophising about my own moment when I picked up something wondering what it is, whether a sword or a tool or something else. Back then perhaps I didn’t wonder that exactly but now I do conclude it is both these things and something else as well.

An extension of our minds giving us the power to capture thought and model our nature so that we can refine thought and master our nature during our exploration of the universes. I can hardly wait to begin. I see this blog has got itself an enhanced focus now to capture my thoughts while I am legitimising my understanding of computers.

Of course I did also have the purpose of making a living when I first enrolled with the Open University. This purpose will continue in my studies at Aberdeen University because the technology has shown itself to be a way of making a living. I will continue working full time because the course is offered part time by distance learning. Sometimes people will say, it’s not necessary to have a degree for working in computing. That it can all be self taught or trained on the job. I agree to a certain extent because there are a lot of things that I do from day to day with computers that are self taught or have been trained on the job. However I also have a leadership responsibility in my role. There is a huge skills gap between the developers of the technology and the people who use and maintain it at ground level. Perhaps there always will be. However I have always found myself as a bridge in that gap while I have been at work. Oftentimes I feel like a rickety rope bridge but in the end, the better the bridge, the more people that can cross. Therefore with no hint of irony or lack of humility I believe I am doing exactly the right thing by committing to university study at this level right now.



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