sorting a google download part 1

My google account was running out of storage so I ran a backup from google and downloaded all my content so I could delete everything from the cloud. This meant 16 downloads of 2GB each and my photos spread amongst the 16 zip files.

I did manually consolidate all the photo folders into one but inside are a folder for each day where a photo was taken and inside those there are the jpg and json files.

So I didn’t want to manually extract all the jpg files into a single location, I thought that is best done by a script.

A bit rough but this worked, just need to be careful, it iterates down through all folders so would move every jpg it finds below the starting the folder:

find . -name ‘*.jpg’ -exec mv {} /home/user/Pictures/picture_folder/ \;

The good thing is, it leaves duplicates behind so you can tidy up the file system after by deleting the sub folders along with duplicates.

Next I think will  be some python to extract all contact details from the contacts files.




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