Twitter wipedown, well sortof.

Since am not a corporation or someone selling a product I don’t need to be on all the social media networks. Over the years twitter has been a good source of news and information but am not really getting value from the bite-size information and it’s not possible to keep it sufficiently curated to be able to take in the larger bodies of information that are linked.

I swithered whether it will hold value in the future for the logicscience space, is it worth having a presence there and decided that I’ve made my final tweet and should withdraw. I’m fairly sure the site itself will have a use in the future which I can imagine relating to location based services and augmented reality. But I don’t think it really has a purpose for myself other than being a superfluous distraction.

So I requested a download of data which comes with a nice archive browser. twitter_archive_browser

Even though I’ve done housekeeping of my tweets in the past  I was surprised to find over 3600 listed there so I uploaded them to the logicscience domain here and redirected the twitter button on my contact page to go to the archive.

The only disappointing thing in the archive is missing “likes” which I’d sometimes used as web bookmarks for interesting things so next thing to do is see about scripting something that will extract all the likes from my account using the Twitter API.

I was previously running a twitter bot so knew it should be quite easy and found this code on stack . Of course, I was not sitting at the server that previously ran the bot which didn’t have access to the internet at that moment so I had to install tweepy and augment the code from stackoverflow with my robot credentials and change the output to go to a file.

I could have probably coded it a bit better to get a csv output but it’s good enough for a quick archive. Extracting the URLs from the favourite tweets that represent bookmarks would need additional processing anyway which I’ll do later. Now with an archive of my tweets and favourites, the account is deactivated and should disappear in 30 days. 🙂

Oh, I’ll have to remove the twitter feed from this blog too.



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