Knowledge Management Now (1.1)

10 skills (new for future business models) key competencies for knowledge workers by 2020


Modern ITSM is the domain of knowledge workers and each business unit in a services business have knowledge that is relevant to every other business unit. Therefore effective knowledge management is vital to success.

Solutions are needed to

  • capture, store and re-use essential information
  • avoid reinventing the wheels

sharing is good to absorb best practices and prevent repetition of mistakes

ultimately enhancing the product of the organisaton = the IT service!

  • this means organisations retain expertise and skills in face of people movement
  • shorten the learning cycle.
  • enhance productivity of knowledge workers

History of knowledge management is very short

  • 80s ICT appeared to capture and share knowledge
  • 90s Knowledge organisation appeared
  • Now cloud an big data


Book: the fifth discipline

inspired by Prof Eric Tsui, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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