Knowledge Management Now (1.2)

Knowledge Based Economy

K_economy pyramid

The people in the top two layers of the knowledge economy deliver the social economy that the lower levels depend on for advancement. The top two layers are a product of the two layers beneath!

Knowledge work is very different from work in the manufacturing era. Nowadays organizations are the vehicles that do productions in the modern industrialized era. Often these are held back by redundant organisational structure such as bureaucratic management and industrial manufacturing methods of productivity management, not suited to knowledge economics. It’s hugely wasteful by wasting a lot of
people’s time.

A good organization has an atmosphere of trust. Without trust, no formal skills are delivered. Organizations must trust the knowledge workers to be engaged in improving themselves and feeding that back into the organization. Then workers can adapt to make the best of the various tasks and learn how to perform different tasks as knowledge work.

Good knowledge workers are people who are innovative, who can think out of the box, who can be creative, who can adjust their perspective according to the context. This demands a completely different job description from the previous kind of almost robotic job description that has until very recently been effective in ITSM.

Preparation to be a knowledge worker consists of developing cognitive behavioral skills. Understanding about lifelong learning, knowing that innovation is mandatory. Most importantly, inward innovation; thinking daily about what you did today, why did you did it, and could you do it differently. 


inspired by Prof Johann Kinghorn, Center for knowledge Dynamics and Decision Making, Stellenbosch University

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