Knowledge Management Now (1.3)

Knowledge Management Process

Requires knowledge acquisition, elicitation and sharing:


It is the organisational structure which is responsible to provide the conditions and environments in physical, social or virtual for these interactions to occur : strategy.

Effective strategy delivers by enhancing the value propositions that is being committed by an organization such as customer intimacy, operational excellence, service and product leadership.

Careful crafting of KM strategy and execution of the respective initiatives means an organisation can leverage on KM to deliver its value to their customers/society.
Successful and sustainable implementation of knowledge management yields many valuable benefits.

  1. lowering costs and enhancing productivity.
  2. better quality and consistent decisions.
  3. shorten product or service development cycles by not reinventing the wheel and not recommitting mistakes.
inspired by Prof Eric Tsui, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Empirical Model of Enablers of knowledge Processes

knowledge enablers

Prof Meliha Handzic, School of Information Systems, International Burch University

With this model we go from leadership to knowledge stock and business value.


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