Knowledge Management Now (1.4)

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“converts data into actionable knowledge”


In ITSM we must use ICT to codify, measure and distribute explicit knowledge. With the development of Big Data we are able to harness, collect, categorize, aggregate and analyze data for predictive capabilities. Knowledge becomes foresight!

We must use soft KM tools which everyone can learn and apply. This will harness, collect and better share tacit knowledge. We can also use them to codify, elicit and harness
tacit knowledge; converting it into explicit knowledge for storage.

KMS does not need to be a technical system alone. It can be a social-technical system that involves coordinated collaborative work supported by data and automatons.
Sometimes a KMS can be largely manual as long as it effectively converts data into actionable knowledge.

The reality in an organisation is the variety of understanding about what a KMS is and how it is modeled in practice For instance there are search engines, data warehouses, databases, email systems and document management systems. It’s not always a technical system; a working sustainable KMS is likely to be a social technical system. Despite the advances in enterprise architecture and web services standards, all the elements of the technical KMS might not be integrated. Enterprise knowledge workers still have to operate one system, obtain some information and then carry it across and start to use another system to continue with the decision making and knowledge intensive activities.

That said however, it is possible to define the usage of a specific hard tool for a focused area of the organisation that serves as an information and communication technology application. It would merge and integrate people with technology and function for the handling of both explicit and tacit knowledge.  It must combine people’s actions and interactions with each other to allow the capture, manipulation and reasoning of tacit and explicit knowledge. The tool I am particularly favoring at the moment for ITSM is the Now Platform from ServiceNow

inspired by Prof Eric Tsui, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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