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In the interview for my current job I was asked about my management style but since I’d never been sent on any management courses at that time and even usually avoided admitting that my role was management I found it a very difficult question to answer.  Now that I’ve been in my current role for a while, I’ve been sent on SLII training which I have found to be a useful model and it has certainly improved me in my role. However I’ve still been looking for ways to be better at my job and fill in some of the gaps not addressed by SLII. Many of the other theories I’ve looked at like ‘Servant Leadership’ for example have cross over elements that are important like ethics and emotional security but so far I’m attracted to the model that presents a solution to what is a real problem working in IT with distributed teams in this new millennium. The problem and solution is well described in this amusing and relatable article from Markus Blankensup, A slightly silly (and bit sad) history of leading programmers.

I’m comfortable with this relational leadership model that I think definitely fits well for those of us working in the wild west of cloud ITSM and digital innovation.




I’ll be looking forward to reading more scholarly articles and popular books that account for the processes that can wrap ethics, purpose, empowerment and especially inclusivity. If for no other reason than if I get the opportunity to be interviewed for another management role, at least I’ll have an answer ready for the question about my style which I realised (I think, maybe others will disagree?) was actually my own before I knew it had a name.


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